Proflex+ Distribution Inc. was established in 2012 with the goal of becoming a leader in new innovations for the automotive diagnostic field.

Our mission is to succeed by being professional and flexible (Proflex+) bringing our clients new and innovative options to old stand-by products and problems with reliable production and a no-nonsense guarantee of high quality and excellent service.

Proflex+ aims to produce high quality products employing high-tech, low cost solutions distributed through a reliable supply chain. Our most important objective is to communicate with our clients face to face in order to establish their needs and find solutions that fit their budget and improve their bottom line.

Taking from what our clients told us Proflex+ designed and created its first line-up of smoke leak locators and by October 2013 The Smoke Monster® had arrived!

With 4 different models to choose from we have models for smoking cars, small trucks, heavy-duty trucks, turbo charged engines, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other small vehicles. We have a model for every garage and every budget. Whatever your preference, with or without a built-in compressor, our machines are more durable, more reliable and cost less than the competition at every price point. And we have a no-hassle guarantee we stand by with service to match.

*We have engineered a revolutionary ceramic heating system which will heat up and cool down faster and produce a denser ‘smoke’ than the older traditional heaters. As well our ceramic heater is so durable we back it up with a limited lifetime warranty. Our CeramiHeat® heating technology is so unique we patented it.

*We also have a patent for our newest Smoke Monster® Turbo unit that is a 2 in 1 smoke machine having the capabilities of both a regular smoke leak locator and at a touch of a button can be switched to test all “TURBO” makes and models (Single Turbo, Twin Turbo and Superchargers). This smoke machine is a MUST in every garage. With the mass production/sales of Turbo Charged vehicles replacing the V6 & V8 engines, the “Smoke Monster® Turbo” is already in high demand.

To accompany The Smoke Monster® line-up Proflex+ designed a full line-up of accessories including the Cone+ Adaptor, Bladder Blocker, Makes Sense fresh scented mineral oil, port hoses, EVAP port removal tool and much more. If you need it, we have it!

While we are satisfied that Proflex+ has kept to its goals we are planning more innovative changes to come. To stay in touch with our latest product developments please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

We invite you to explore our smoke machines on the following pages.

Thank you, Proflex+ Distribution Inc. Home of the Smoke Monster®