How Does It Work?

The Smoke Monster® will fill the car’s system with smoke and force the smoke through any leaks that exist, giving the mechanic quick and easy access for repair.


CERAMIHEAT® is our PATENT PENDING ceramic heating technology. Our ceramic heater will heat up faster and create a thicker more dense smoke.

Does the Heating Element come with a lifetime warranty?

Yes, the Smoke Monster® is the only smoke machine on the market with a lifetime warranty* on the heating element. See user manuals for details.

Are the Smoke Hoses and Battery Cables FIELD-SERVICEABLE?

Yes, in 2017 we introduced the WORLD’S FIRST detachable and field-serviceable smoke hoses and battery cables.

Can The Smoke Monster® be Used On A Car’s Gas Tank?

Yes, using our CONE+ EVAP gas filler neck adaptor (PART# 501123). The CONE+ is supplied with all Smoke Monster® models and fits all cars including the Ford “Cap-Less”.

Will The Smoke Monster® Do A Pressure Decay Test?

Yes, The Smoke Monster® does both air pressure and air pressure decay tests.

If There Is A Malfunction Will The Smoke Monster® Turn Off?

Yes, the on-board micro processor will detect a malfunction and automatically shut it down.

Is The Smoke Produced By The Smoke Monster® Toxic?

No! Absolutely not, it runs on mineral or baby oil. An MSDS is available upon request.

Is The Smoke Monster® Nitrogen Compatible?

Yes all Smoke Monsters® are nitrogen compatible. The Pro S 75, Pro S 500T and Pro S 600T all have built-in air compressors so nitrogen is not required.

Is The Smoke Monster® Dye Compatible?

Proflex+ does not recommend the use of dyes in any smoke machine. It is an unnecessary expense with no added advantage. The thick white smoke produced is easily visible to the naked eye.

Will Connecting High Pressure Shop Air to the Smoke Monster® Effect the Vehicles Sensitive Systems?

No, all Smoke Monsters® are equipped with a regulator that will apply ONLY the correct amount of air / smoke so not to harm any of the vehicle’s components or systems with excessive psi.

How Big Does The Leak Need To Be For The Smoke Monster® To Detect It?

The Smoke Monster® will detect any leak larger than 0.010″ and has a built-in flow meter

Where Does The Smoke Monster® Get Its Power From?

The Smoke Monster® obtains its power directly from the car’s battery using our detachable clips to connect. Be sure the battery is fully charged.

Does The Smoke Monster® Have A Fuel Level Gauge?

Yes, The Smoke Monster® has a NEW built-in EYE LEVEL window that eliminates the old style “Dip Stick” so the mechanic can see how much oil remains in the unit.

What other leak tests can the Smoke Monster® perform?

Smoke Monster® leak locators can do numerous leak tests such as;