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No need to pump the brake pedal which eliminates the risk of damaging the master cylinder

Compact design.
Digital pressure control.
Electric pressurized fluid bleeding.
Default pressure for different types of brake fluid.
LCD Display – Digital Control – Multi-Languages
Live pressure monitoring.
Pulse driven sludge flushing in pipelines.
Fluid-shortage protection.
Self-clean and self test.
Driven with 12V vehicle battery or AC 100~ 240V, with both power supply accessories supplied.
Suitable for ABS, ESP, EDS and SBC
Hydraulic pump
Pulsating fluid flow to pressurize air bubbles out of the braking system
Automatic switch-off on empty container
Pressure less decoupling from vehicle
Adapter available for all established vehicle types (Optional)


• Single color 3.5” LCD display with English operation language
• Container size max.: 5 Liter / 1.33 US gal.
• Digital pressure indication and control
• Pressure indication available in Bar and PSI
• Working Pressure: 0.4~3.5bar/6~50Psi
• Filling hose length: 3 Meters
• Self-Reset fuse
• Power supply: 12V Vehicle Battery and AC 110~240V UL/FCC/CE approved adapter (optional)
• Size: 13” x 10.75” x 15.75” 330 x 272 x 400mm (L x W x H).